Petition PHase

We need your help !

Over the past year, the SoMa West Community Benefit District (CBD) steering committee have been making great progress towards implementation of January 2020. We’re now in one of the most important phases of the process, the Petition Phase.  The overwhelming tremendous support of the community so far, gives us strong conviction that the neighborhodd wants a CBD.

We ask property owners for their Support to continue moving us forward in this process by signing their Petition.  By checking YES, sign/date, and return their Petition.

Petitions have been mailed to all property owners in the SoMa West area March 9th along with a summary of the Management Plan.  If you haveen't received yours CONTACT US and we can email it to you.

To everyone who supports the SoMa West CBD - now is the time we will really need your help.  We are close to passing our 30% threshold needed.

How can you help ?

  • Check YES, sign/date, and return your Petition and encourage other property owners to do the same. 
  • Encourage property owners to be on the lookout for the SoMa West CBD Petition in their mailbox, check YES, sign/date, and return it.  We need to reach out to as many property owners as we can to sign the Petition.
  • Share the news about SoMa West CBD with others property owners, residents, and businesses through friends & neighbors, HOA's, on your block or within your building.  Spread the word.
  • Come to an info session.  Invite property owners, residents, and business owners to learn more at one of our public info sessions to answer questions and provide addtional information.

Info Sessions

How to return your petition

As a property owner you can support forming the SoMa West CBD by checking YES, sign/date, and returning the Petition while encouraging other property owners to do the same.

Petitions can be returned to us in one of four ways;  by mailing it inside the self-addressed stamped envelope provided, scan/emailing to, by bringing your petition to one of our scheduled Info Sessions, or in person with one of our Steering Committee members.  

If you have any questions please contact us

  • We are happy to answer any questions you have about the SoMa West CBD or the petition.
  • If you are a property owner and did not receive a copy of the petition, we are happy to print another one for you and email it to you.
  • We will continue working hard to make this possible and welcome anyone who wants to be a part of SoMa West forming.

Contact us